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vieWTerra Evolution File and Data Stream Import

Thanks to the vieWTerra File Import possibilities, users can integrate more accurate data in GeoTIFF and DTED format, as well as shapefiles, 3D objects, KML/KMZ files via a simple drag and drop of files.

The vieWTerra File Import allows off-line integration of Imagery and DEM data for the secured and easy generation of accurate 3D scenes in a very short time and this at any location on the Globe. It also allows creation of scenes on a global scale, whether for a common visualization of scenes & scenarios staged at different locations on Earth or covering the entire surface of the Earth, and beyond (e.g. Land-Air-Sea-Space applications).

The vieWTerra Data Stream Import allows reading of WMS or WMTS data streams served by public or privately-held servers just by entering a valid data stream URL (e.g. OGC streams serving Imagery or cartography, such as land registry or street information layers). The chosen data stream is displayed as a layer on the Globe. Switching between data streams with a simple mouse click or multiple overlay with transparency is offered for a more convenient and comprehensive analysis of the same situation.

Users can therefore choose both methods to obtain 3D scenes built from real-world geospatial data in a couple of minutes only, depending on the size of area and accuracy of the imported data. They can compare results and mix both approaches depending on the degree of realism and high-fidelity chosen or the type of geospatial analysis to be conducted, both types of visualization supporting the additional display of further information through e.g. targeting functions.

Key features:

• GeoTIFF and DTED format direct import; files are georeferenced and data automatically apply to the corresponding area on the Planet (Multi-resolution formats easily supported via conversion to GeoTIFF with the SDK)
• Import of GeoTIFF, DTED, Shapefiles, KML/KMZ and 3D objects through drag and drop or browser files
• No limit to the scale of areas and projects treated
• Fast level of detail calculations
• Automatic calculations between different resolutions
• Generation of areas in a very short time: e.g. 150000 km2 at a 90 m resolution for the DEM and 30 m for the Imagery in less than 1 min
• Highly efficient data compression
• Immediate visualization of the data which have just been integrated
• Reading of WMS-WMTS data streams


vieWTerra Evolution Editor Tool

Thanks to the dynamic controls and the user-friendly Editor Tool embedded into the vieWTerra Viewer (accessible though the Edit Window), various scenarios can be quickly implemented, dynamically changed and recorded.

Users can create their own scenes in a particularly intuitive manner, in real-time and directly into the 3D Window, for an immediate appraisal of the scenes created and great ease of construction. Without resorting to any programming skills, they can choose among the 500+ 3D models offered by the vieWTerra Bank of Objects (ready-to-use ground vegetation, soil types, trees, 3D objects) coming along the Editor Tool to rapidly customize scenes through drag and drop, painting, and other automatic functions, so as to instantly change the type of ground, plant or remove vegetation, add rivers and lakes, build roads, railways, whole cities, etc, and this under any time of day/year and under any type of weather conditions. Each new 3D model placed in the scene is automatically affected by its dynamic environment (e.g. it will cast a shadow according to the time of day or be covered with snow under snowy conditions).

Users may also import their own 3D objects in any format with their own objects textures in .TGA, .jpeg, .png or.bmp format via a scripting function directly in the runtime or via the vieWTerra SDK/Library. These objects can easily be turned into user-controllable entities by the Entity Tool. Of course, depending on the user's choice to use realistic objects or not, the scenes rendered will possess the "look and feel" of real-world environments or may be totally imaginary. The vieWTerra Bank of Objects includes dozens of 3D static or partly animated realistic items such as various tree species, roads, houses, buildings, bridges, road signs, traffic lights, windmills, power lines, etc. The degree of realism can be pushed higher by placing the right type of buildings/objects at their real-world location, visible from the Imagery depending on the accuracy of the area chosen.

Main features:

• Complex 3D scenes building with dynamic shadows and weather automatically impacting objects
• Easy positioning of objects (place, rotate, scale, etc) and editing of terrains in real-time, directly into the 3D Window
• Instant visualization of changes
• Integrated easy-to-use painting and drawing functions to create custom ground cover (forests , fields, water, sand, pebbles, etc …), Vertex and Texture Editor Tools to erect new 3D buildings (with the possibility of customizing each façade) , create holes (which can be filled with a predefined model for e.g. bridge creation) and excavations (showing the ground below the surface)
• Automatic adaptation of buildings/objects to uneven ground
• Automatic snapping to objects and attaching objects to one another (road portions, railways, power lines, fences, walls, ski-lifts, pipes...)
• Easy duplicating/instancing of objects on a large area or along a linear feature at a chosen density, based on shapefile data
• Correction of river courses (by painting water only in river beds according to elevation)
• Automatic removal of vegetation on the roads
• Rapid auto-extrusion of entire cities based on footprint data (e.g. generation of
1 million+ buildings over New York city in less than 1 minute)
• Most 3D objects formats import supported via the Entity Tool or the SDK/Library : 3ds, .ase, .dae, .blend, .bvh, .obj, .ply, .dxf, .ifc, .nff, .smd, .vta, .md1, .md2, .pk3, .mdc, .md5mesh, .md5anim, .md5camera, .x, .q3o, .q3s, .raw, .ac, .stl, .dxf, .irrmesh, .xml, .off, .mdl, .hmp, .mesh.xml, .skeleton.xml, *.material, .ms3d, .lwo, .lws, .lxo, .csm, .ply, .cob, .scn, .xgl, .zgl
• Easy transformation into user-controllable entities
• Rapid scenario creation e.g. by combining use of multiple user-controllable entities and dynamic controls (e.g.changing time of day or weather instantly)
• Easy saving of scene modifications
• Embedded screenshots and video recording mode

vieWTerra Evolution GIS Measuring Tools

The vieWTerra Evolution Viewer comes with a set of sophisticated and user-friendly GIS measuring tools, including:

2D Measuring Tool: measures the distance between 2 or more points
3D Measuring Tool: measures the distance between 2 or more points while taking the elevation into consideration
Surface Measuring Tool: determines the surface of any area, including whole countries or continents
Height Measuring Tool: measures the height of any object or geographical feature
Profile Tool: measures the (Elevation) profile for a line drawn between 2 or more points. Results are shown as a 2D graph with detailed information. Also takes into account objects detected along the profile as an option. Visualization of the same targeted point-associated information into the 2D and the 3D Window.
Horizon Tool: measures the horizon, 360 degrees around a chosen point. Results are shown as a graph with detailed information and extra visualization capabilities showing 2D display of ridgelines, viewsheds, elevations (attributing a colour ramp to different altitudes) , objects detection etc. . Visualization of the same targeted point-associated information into the 2D and the 3D Window.

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