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vieWTerra Suite: Overview

vieWTerra Evolution "GIS & Simulation" 4D Earth Viewer, data & assets integration and development platform allows our customers in the Modeling & Simulation and Geospatial industries to integrate their own satellite (Imagery, DEM, Land Cover) or aerial data, and assets on a strikingly realistic 4D Earth Viewer in order to create their own custom georeferenced 3D scenes and scenarios and custom GIS applications at any location on Earth, and also build continuous Earth-Space applications beyond strastophere level, in a fast and convenient manner from their PCs.

The vieWTerra Evolution Viewer core component can be purchased independently or bundled with the vieWTerra Evolution SDK, forming the vieWTerra Evolution Platform.

vieWTerra Evolution Viewer and Platform can be licensed either perfectly Off-Line or On-Line, with the
vieWTerra Access server access module, set-up and back office service.

The vieWTerra Evolution Viewer is an all-in-one image generator, terrain modeling and 3D scene & scenario creation platform, allowing non-programmer users to:

- visualize and travel the entire surface of an already defined base Earth model, set in a solar system including the Moon, the Sun, Mars and the stars, and this freely in all directions, from the seabed to outer Space
- integrate more accurate data or assets, in GeoTIFF and DTED format, as well as shapefiles, csv files, footprints, KML/KMZ files, photogrammetry or LiDAR-acquired objects or terrain models, static or dynamic entities/objects
- access complementary WMS or WMTS data streams served by public or privately-held servers
- custom-build and record 3D scenes and scenarios using the embedded 3D Editor Tool and Bank of Objects/ Textures, as well as dynamic controls (weather, time of day) and provided user-controllable entities, in a very intuitive manner
- use complementary GIS Tools to conduct further analysis ; draw 2D and 3D lines dynamically, autoextrude buildings, mix 2D photographs into the 3D
- load and display additional metadata or georerefenced information attached to objects or terrain such as PDFs, photos, illustrations/graph images, videos, sound…

The vieWTerra Evolution Platform offers an additional SDK/library of 700+ functions for advanced users to program applications in C/C++ language, under OpenGL, and integrate their own physics, animations, trajectories, special effects, GUI, interface with UDPs…

Utilizing the unique capabilities of proprietary VWorldTerrain© 3D real-time rendering technology originating from the Gaming industry, vieWTerra Evolution provides its users with both state-of-theart visualization and unique creative capabilities directly into its 3D Viewer, and this at any location on Earth, on a continuous Land-Air-Sea-Space system allowing simulations across all domains, while sharing a single, "One World" terrain and assets database. It can be used either perfectly standalone, off-line, or on-line, ported on a server infrastructure, while also permitting cache over areas of interest for out-in-the-field use. It therefore allows integration and sharing of geospatial data and georeferenced assets from various sources, sharing of newly-created scenes and scenarios between users (on-line upload and distribution on a common shared storage server system), and direct interaction in multi-user on-line sessions (on a distributed simulation system).

About VWorldTerrain© technology:
VWorldTerrain uses massive satellite, aerial or other datasets and combines them with its procedural rendering algorithms to reproduce all types of real-time 3D landscapes, presenting both close-up precision and distant horizons, with amazing realism. It takes into account the time dimension (4D system), allowing for continuous time of day and seasonal changes, dynamic rendering of all types of weather conditions and dynamic scenario creation.

vieWTerra Evolution is the next opus of the vieWTerra Platform and Viewer series:
It presents expanded capabilities with new GIS tools, higher resolution worldwide vieWTerra Base database, real-time streaming of data from OGC standards support, more convenient datasets and assets feed via simple drag and drop, revamped user interface and much more. vieWTerra Evolution is available in an online version as well, allowing users to share the same database within an organization, therefore optimizing project collaboration and data exchange.

vieWTerra Mobile is the latest nomad version of vieWTerra Evolution and is offered as an option to vieWTerra Evolution On-Line. It is web-browser based, uses the same database as vieWTerra Evolution On-Line and allows users to consult their projects and data anytime anywhere provided they have an Internet or private Intranet connection, depending on client's chosen server infrastructure.

vieWTerra Data Pipline

vieWTerra Evolution Off-Line/On-Line Suite

vieWTerra Evolution 4D Earth Viewer, data & assets integration, and development platform, composed of:

- the vieWTerra Evolution Integration Viewer:
4D Earth Viewer and data & assets integration platform

- the vieWTerra Evolution SDK, giving access to high-level and low-level functions of the VWorldTerrain© Library (C/C++, Open GL)

- the vieWTerra Access Server Access Module, set up and back office service, offered on top of vieWTerra Evolution Viewer or Platform with the vieWTerra Evolution On-Line License

vieWTerra Evolution is therefore offered either:

-perfectly off-line on secure dongle license
-ported on your on-line server infrastructure:
therefore either on an Internet, potentially cloud-based system, or Intranet, completely secure private network

vieWTerra Mobile plugin-free cross-platform on-line 3D Earth Viewer directly accessible from a Web-browser, and offered as extension to the vieWTerra Evolution On-Line license, through the vieWTerra Server Access module:

- the vieWTerra Mobile Viewer allows viewing of the same datasets and assets as imported/uploaded by Integrator Users with a vieWTerra Evolution License

- the vieWTerra Mobile SDK, giving access to high-level functions (HTML/JavaScript/PHP, HTML5 standard)


vieWTerra Base Database: set of global colour-balanced, cloud-free and artifacts corrected satellite mosaics, provided as integrated, in vieWTerra proprietary format:

- into the vieWTerra Evolution Off-Line Viewer: 29m Imagery, 90m DEM, 29m Land Cover provided as entire Earth coverage or per area of the World, with a minimum of 1 World area offered into the License

- into the vieWTerra Evolution On-Line Viewer: 29m Imagery, 90m DEM, 29m Land Cover provided as entire Earth coverage

- into the vieWTerra Mobile Viewer: 29m Imagery, 90m DEM database provided as entire Earth coverage


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