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Off-line/On-Line GIS & Simulation Middleware Suite


Earth-size World. 4D/3D Earth Models. Big Data Support. One Database.
Zero Limit. On Earth, and beyond.

vieWTerra Suite: Welcome to your New World!

Create your 3D scenes and Simulation scenarios, at their real-world location and without any limit to the size of areas of interest, just by drag and droping datasets. Perfectly off-line, secured integration of data & assets. Standalone off-line use in the office and on the field for single users on PC and Windows tablets. Sharing of your created scenes and scenarios and interaction between multiple simulated entities possible on your distributed client-server system.

Build your own dedicated, potentially Earth-wide, GIS system on top of your created scenes. Share all integrated data, assets and information on-line with any selected member of your organization and pool of end-users through your own server architecture. Consult these from any platform including portable devices, using the vieWTerra Suite!

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